The Current Office is Closing

To Our Patients:

Effective August 1, Dr. Campbell is moving in with Saint Louis Internal Medicine.  The new building is located at 5000 Cedar Plaza Pkway suite 300, 63128, just a few blocks north of our current building.  The building is on the corner of Tesson Ferry and Old Tesson Ferry, (the lighted sign says Urgent Care (but it is NOT an urgent care office, it is our traditional medical office).  The phone number is 314-647-9797.

The advantage of this move is that it is very difficult to be in solo medical practice.  At this location, he will be joining Dr. B. Vaid, Dr. T. Manuel, and Donna Waldo, a family nurse practitioner with whom I first started working nearly 30 years ago when I ran the Deaconess Family Medicine program.  There will be some changes associated with this move, so please see below.

This move represents a separation of the medical practice from the Institute for Family Medicine and all of its other community charitable activities. The medical practice that was located in the Cedar Plaza building, and before that on South Lindbergh, will now be under Saint Louis Internal Medicine. (This includes patient seeking their immigration exams to Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

There will be some changes though for our children, Medicaid, and cash patients:

We will need to conform to the policies of the new office.  This will affect our patients who have only Medicaid, who have no insurance, and our pediatric patients.

  • Our cash visit at the new office is increasing to $80.
  • This new office is not equipped to serve children 11 and under, so those children will need to be taken to a different primary care provider.  Check back here for recommendation updates on pediatric providers.
  • We will no longer be able to serve those patients with only Medicaid regardless of age (those with both Medicare and Medicaid can follow us to this new office).  We have identified another office that will accept our adult Medicaid patients, and will be custodian of old records for them.  Dr. B. Singh at 1034 South Brentwood (University Towers Building), Suite 450, 63117 with Gateway Midwest Healthcare is where we are sending records, and who we recommend.  Their number for appointments is 314-833-6240.
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