David Campbell, M.D., recognized that health is at the root of many hardships faced by his fellow St. Louisans. Kids can’t focus in school, parents can’t work to provide for their children, and families in crisis can’t overcome major life hurdles if they’re in poor health. Dr. Dave, as he’s called by most patients, knew he could improve quality of life for those in need by taking healthcare services into the heart of St. Louis’ most disadvantaged communities. And so, the Institute for Family Medicine was born…


1999 – Dr. Dave founds the Institute for Family Medicine.

2000 – Institute for Family Medicine receives its 501(c)(3) designation.

2001 – (April) Institute for Family Medicine partners with Jennings School District to improve school health. This partnership serves as a pilot for our Healthy Kids, Better Learners program.

(October) Every Child’s Hope invites Institute for Family Medicine to provide on-site physician services for the children and teens in its residential facilities.

2002 – Institute for Family Medicine’s newest clinic, the Hancock School Health Clinic, takes school-based health to another level by allowing residents of the entire area to utilize the clinic services, whether or not they are associated with the school.

2004 – Institute for Family Medicine partners with the St. Louis Housing Authority to provide on-site medical care to elderly and disabled residents of Parkview Elderly living complex.

2005 – The Healthy Kids, Better Learners program has grown to include nine area school districts, including Bayless School District, Normandy School District, and St. Louis Public Schools.

(September) Institute for Family Medicine health care providers volunteer more than 110 hours to provide medical care to Hurricane Katrina survivors who arrived in St. Louis in the two weeks following the disaster.

2006 – (March) Institute for Family Medicine is recognized by St. Louis County and the state of Missouri for its work to serve families who are poor, uninsured and medically underserved. A proclamation is presented designating March 4, 2006 as Institute for Family Medicine Day!

(November) Institute for Family Medicine begins its longstanding partnership with Mercy Neighborhood Ministry.

2007 – Institute for Family Medicine partners with Saint Louis Crisis Nursery to provide on-site physicals and primary care for children and babies at the nurseries.

2009 – Special School District joins the Institute for Family Medicine’s Healthy Kids, Better Learners program.

2010 – Dr. Dave is honored by Saint Louis Crisis Nursery with the Hugs and Kisses Man of the Year Award.

2011 – Dr. Dave receives the James A. Braun Champion of Children Award from partner organization Youth In Need.

2012 – (September) Dr. Dave honored by St. Anthony’s Physician Ambassadors with the Spirit of St. Anthony Award for his community health work.

(October) Institute for Family Medicine receives the 2012 Community Service Award from the Lemay Chamber of Commerce for its ongoing work to improve school and community health at the Hancock School Health Clinic.

2013 – (April) Institute for Family Medicine moves its main office to the Cedar Plaza Building at the corner of Tesson Ferry Rd and Cedar Plaza Parkway.

(May) FOCUS St. Louis awards the Institute for Family Medicine with a 2013 “What’s Right with the Region!” award for Demonstrating Innovative Solutions.

(June) Institute for Family Medicine officially launches its first food pantry-based community clinic at Joint Neighborhood Ministry.

2014 – (July) Institute for Family Medicine opens a new clinic providing primary care for residents of an independent living home for low-income seniors in partnership with St. Andrews of Jennings.

2015 – (January) Institute for Family Medicine partners with Epworth at their new Drop-In Center location in Normandy to deliver healthcare services for homeless youth and young adults aging out of the foster care system.

(March) KDHX Spotlight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj_nFiThOw8

(August) Institute for Family Medicine receives the 2015 Paul Simon Award. https://youtu.be/xCqJcv23KEQ

(August)  Who we are, and what we do wich recognition from Hancock Place Superintendent and Youth in Need former CEO and President  

2016- (MayThe Institute for Family Medicine was recognized by the Jennings School District at the Jennings Annual Appreciation Banquet for 15 years of service to the district. Jennings was IFM’s first school health partner back in 2001.

(August) IFM Splits from traditional practice and focuses singularly on the community clinics.

(September) IFM was a recipient of a $2500 grant from Cardinals Care to purchase pediatric medical equipment for a number of our clinics.

(October) IFM initiates school-based clinic at North Tech in conjunction with St. Louis County Special School District.

2017- (January) St. Vincent Home for Children clinic opens.

(May) IFM receives over $23,000 from Saint Anthony’s Medical Center, providing another day of clinic at Hancock Place, as well as women’s health and mental health services!

(July) IFM reopens clinic at Epworth Drop-In Center.

(September) Name changes from "The Institute for Family Medicine" to iFM Community Medicine.