Youth in Need St Charles

Youth in Need St. Charles Clinic was started in 2009 and was made in partnership between iFM Community Medicine and the Youth in Need residential program operating on Thursday afternoons. Youth in Need offers a transitional living program for those between sixteen and twenty-one that provides the basic needs of housing, food, safety and financial security by helping teens save money for their future while they develop and learn the basic life skills necessary to be independent and lead productive lives. These homeless and runaway teens escaping abusive or unhealthy home lives need physicals to stay in emergency shelters and transitional living facilities. IFM coordinates these physicals and ensures acute healthcare needs as well as required screenings are addressed, helping Youth in Need give teens an opportunity to get off the street and on the right track.

This clinic is also home to our Kidney Test, Learn, and Change (TLC) program which was started in response to the high levels of need for kidney transplants due to unhealthy lifestyles and chronic disease. The health education program geared towards teenagers focuses on wellness, physical activity, healthy eating, and risk avoidance through interactive lessons like cooking classes and trauma-informed yoga.

This clinic is made possible due to a grant from Mid America Transplant Foundation.